Bill to Drug Test Welfare Recipients Inspires Bill to Drug Test Lawmakers


Because Ohio has already solved the state's unemployment problem, tackled education, and given rainbow-painted puppies to every resident, it's now time to turn our resolve and focus to drug testing welfare recipients. Because nothing gets Joe Public's blood boiling like telling him that his tax dollars are going directly to poor people who use that cash to buy drugs. And nothing is an easier score for a conservative lawmaker than saying he is going to fix the problem.

Two weeks ago, State Senator Tim Grendell announced he's working on a bill that would require all welfare recipients and anyone else in the great Buckeye State cashing a public assistance check to take a drug test. Looking at the state's overflowing coffers, this seems like a fine idea.

Nevermind that other states that have undertaken similar measures have found that, shockingly, this is a dumb idea.

"In Florida, so far, only 2% of people tested have been found to have taken drugs. So that means 98% are drug free and the state has to pay back that cost of the tests," said State Senator Nina Turner.

But if we're going to make one person receiving public money take a drug test, Sen. Turner rightly thinks that everyone receiving public money should take a drug test, according to Fox 8. Which is why she is partnering with State Representative Bob Hagan on a new bill that would force all those folks in the Ohio General Assembly, including Mr. Grendell, to also be subject to random drug testing. As if our lawmakers don't have enough to worry about without fretting about where to buy clean urine.

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