Bishop Lennon Relents to Vatican Wishes, 12 Closed Churches to Reopen

Flattering screengrab here.
  • Flattering screengrab here.

Where there was cautious optimism that anything would happen after the Vatican overturned Bishop Lennon's decision and ordered 12 (not 13, as had been reported) Catholic churches to reopen, there is now cautious optimism that something may happen soon after Lennon today relented to the missive from Rome.

Lennon decided not to appeal that Vatican's decision. He also finally came around and admitted The Wire is the best TV show ever.

"It is time for peace and unity in the Diocese of Cleveland," he said. Also, yeah, Omar is pretty badass.

There's probably a good deal of good cheer out there for parishioners of the churches slated to reopen, but there are many questions waiting around the corner of the pew. Can they actually survive? Was Lennon right? What about all the folks that found happy homes with other flocks, and those churches that benefited (financially, and in other ways) from those new families? Does Lennon get to smirk and say "I told you so" in two years?

He addressed some of those, as well as queries about money (they really don't have any to give to help restart the congregations), which priests will come from where (he doesn't know yet), whether he'll talk out of both sides of his mouth (absolutely not), and more in the press conference video from WKYC.

Mainly, he sounds like Julianne Moore when she plays Jack's girlfriend on 30 Rock.

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