"Bootyism" Airplane Banners Mocking Tiger at Masters Have Ohio Connection


Tiger Woods returned to golf at the Masters and the only hint of heckling came from an airplane that flew over the course on Thursday pulling a, "Tiger, did you mean bootyism?" banner.

There were to be more banners, of course, but by some coincidence, the FAA decided to inspect the plane that had been contracted to fly the banners and found some "mechanical issues" that led them to ground it. Of course.

The guy who was paid to make the banners happen? Jim Miller, who runs his business out of Genoa, OH. The Atlanta Journal Constitution caught up with him.

"I'm just hired to do other people's ideas," said Jim Miller, owner of Air America Aerial Ads in Genoa, Ohio. “But it increased my business.

"I had envisioned there would be a lot of heat, but not this much."

Even as the Federal Aviation Administration was grounding his plane, Miller said, “I had people willing to contribute” to the cost of flying more banners over Augusta National while Tiger Woods was playing in the Masters

According to the story, there were to be four more banners. Two of them ended up actually seeing the air... two days after the Masters ended — “Tiger: Still on for 4some? Jesse James” and "You knew Stevie. You knew.”

So if you have a public figure to mock with airplane banners, or maybe an ex that you want to embarrass in the middle of their company picnic at Cedar Point, I highly recommend calling Air America Aerial Ads. If it's good enough to mock Tiger...

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