Boozy Wedding Guest Dances With Groom, Flips When Bride Cuts In

Tiss iz my go ta move, loook out.
  • "Tiss iz my go ta move, loook out."

Don't cut in, don't you ever even think about cutting in, on Brooke Burke when she's mid-spin on the dance floor. Oh, you just married her dance partner at this very wedding? Doesn't matter, back off.

That's the boozy message Ms. Burke sent in late March when she attended a wedding in North Olmsted. According to 19ActionNews, the guest dipped a little too deep in the champagne; she was dancing with the groom when the bride asked to cut in, you know, still trying to bask in the post-vow glow, or something.

Burke allegedly started screaming at the bride, even made a lunge. An auxiliary officer on the scene tried to cool Burke down, but she responded by smacking him in the face.

She has since been charged with assault and disorderly conduct.

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