Boy Forced to Hold "I Like to Steal" Sign in Public as Punishment

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Lets go back to these days!
  • Let's go back to these days!

There have been a handful of stories around the country in recent years of parents reaching their wit's end with kids, forgoing the groundings and timeouts and yanked video game privileges, and subjecting them to public embarrassment as punishment for their transgressions.

Northeast Ohio has its own entry into that unique brand of parenting now.

Meet Trezahn Blaha, a 12-year-old from Elyria with some past discipline problems (arrested, suspended) who stole a phone and some other shiny items from the mall. (Click on over to the Chronicle-Telegram link below to see the pictures.)

His uncle suggested the public-shaming route to his mother. She thought it was a good idea. So they made him this sign: "I like to steal and I have no respect for my mother or authority." Harsh, moms.

They set Blaha up in town and he soon became the snapshot target of passers-by. Ouch.

The Chronicle-Telegram hooked up with the uncle and the mom for some quotes, which were pure gold.

“I think if more parents stood in line and disciplined their children with either embarrassment or either a good old fashioned a — whooping, this community would be a better, and safer place and the jails wouldn’t be so packed," said Ricardo Pamplin.

Yeah, more ass-whooping.

His mom, Deondra, was blunt in why Blaha is on the streets with a cardboard sign.

“He’s a klepto,” she told the paper. "I hope he’s learning from it.”

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