Boy Scouts 1, Buckeyes 0

OSU takes a thumping after ousting kid volunteers.

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Before Ohio State put a whupping on Texas in its season opener, the Buckeyes tuned up by pounding the Boy Scouts in a preseason warm-up.

For years, OSU welcomed boys from across the state to serve as volunteer ushers at home games. Each was rewarded with a ticket for that day -- though they happily toiled throughout the game anyway.

Then, in a move cribbed from The Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Guide to Public Relations, the school severed ties with the scouts prior to the home opener, unceremoniously ending an 84-year tradition. Official reason: A record number of OSU students wanted tickets, so 20 Boy Scouts had to go.

"Ohio State is big enough and strong enough that they can stand a little outcry, but they can also stand up and do the right thing," says Ron Green, director of the Boy Scouts of Columbus.

A week later, the outcry did the Bucks in. When it was pointed out that not even terrorists whack child volunteers, Ohio State called a reverse. Starting this weekend, the scouts are welcome again at home games.

"When we talked some more about it, it seemed a little premature to make that decision," says school spokesman Steve Snapp. "We realized we had made a mistake."

In an unrelated move, OSU is also reviewing its longstanding tradition of clubbing rabbits at pep rallies.

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