Boycott the Rock Hall

I'm sure you've heard it before, and maybe the mainstream is too blind to see it. Cleveland is still a storefront for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation. I'd like to see that image shattered once and for all. "Home of Rock and Roll?" Hell Yes. I grew up there, and was a stagehand at venues like the Empire, the Agora, the Odeon, Peabody's, Nautica, Inner Harbor Stage, and was a production coordinator for the concert for the Hall of Fame at Municipal Stadium. That is what R&R is. Musicians busting their asses to get play. Long days at gigs, followed by long nights. No benefits. But residents see fit to tout the fact that the museum is in Cleveland. At the same time, Susan Evans (who the hell are you, anyway?) Makes $300k to throw a party? $25k a table? And the museum received a measily $177,000? It's time to make a stand. If Cleveland isn't going to get the induction ceremony (every other year was originally promised), pack up the exhibits, and get Ms. Evans to pick up the tab to move it to another glorified storage locker. Then use the building for something worthwhile. Something like The Robert Lockwood Auditiorium, a school similar to Julliard, where artistic kids can get a chance to be inspired, technical students can learn the recording business, and a place that Clevelanders can send their children so they can use all the creative energy they have. And we all know they have it. I lived through river fires, steel plant closings, the Buzzard stuffing ballots (I still miss Kid Leo and O'Banion),and lime-green emergency vehicles. Cleveland shouldn't be snubbed by music execs. They should be begging for airplay, and a space to earn their keep. Anyone interested in pushing the issue? Joe Tupa
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