Braylon Edwards Is Good (and Other Astute Observations About the Browns)

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Braylon Edwards is good at football.
For the Browns, yesterday’s come-from-behind win over St. Louis was historic. It was the first time they’d won back-to-back games since 2003, back when they still thought Tim Couch could be the second coming of Terry Bradshaw, and when we were just starting to get pissed that we passed over Tom Brady for Spergon Wynn. But more importantly, they can call themselves a winning team for the first time since they earned the distinction by pounding Baltimore – in Week 1 of the 2004 season. The national acclaim has even begun trickling in, albeit a tad grudgingly.’s Peter King added our boys to his “Fine Fifteen”. Eleventh place, even. (Thanks, Pete.) “The Browns are over .500 entering November,” writes King. “Unbelievable.” A few pages later, King’s praise for Braylon Edwards is a tad less restrained: “The more I see of Braylon Edwards, the more I think he's the NFL's next great wide receiver. The way he goes up and gets the ball in traffic is Cris Carteresque, and he's got difference-making separation ability downfield.” And after Sunday, when “B-Easy” snagged another eight balls and two touchdowns, Scouts, Inc.’s Matt Williamson is flat-out in love. He’s calling Edwards – who’s on pace for 1,500 yards and 21 TDs – “elite” when we called him a mistake. (Editor's note: By "we," he means "I.") One of ESPN’s lesser-known turf wonks, Matt Mosley, even chimed in. “I'm not ready to call the Browns a playoff team,” writes Mosley, “but for now, they belong in the conversation.” Sentiments are equally divided among the die-hards who crowd the message boards at the Orange and Brown Report. Mixed in with threads titled “Braylon Edwards is a God” and “Thank You Romeo, Chud and others” are “Some things get overlooked in the BE/DA love fest” and “I Think Peter King is Confused.” Writes “rushmore”: “Are we really a game out of the division lead in week 8? The Browns? WTF?” Well said, rushmore. WTF indeed. -- Jason Nedley
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