Breaking News: Case Western Among Least Fun Law Schools In Nation

Most fun you can have at Case law? Getting high and staring at that Frank Gehry monstrosity.
  • Most fun you can have at Case law? Getting high and staring at that Frank Gehry monstrosity.

In today's installment of News That Will Shock You: Someone put together a list of the nation's best party law schools and Case Western Reserve fell near the absolute bottom of the list. Shocker, I know.

The second annual rankings have Case ranked 95th out of 102 schools. I guess they didn't consider proximity to shiny futuristic structures by famous architects that are good for two things a) Starting at while blitzed, and b) Showering passers-by with chunks of ice during the winter.

Having spent four years at Case for undergrad, I can attest to the dismal social scene for the smarty-pants campus, though having spent my entire junior year inside watching Golden Girls reruns and eating leftover Mama Santa's pizza in between swigs of vodka, perhaps I'm not the best judge.

Schools were graded on the following criteria: General Happiness, "Going Out," Alcohol and Drug Consumption, "Dateable" Nature of Students (Including Douchebagginess Levels), and Access to Alcohol.

Like I mentioned, I was at Case for undergrad and not law school, but I still feel I should attempt to come to Case's defense, despite what I said above about the whole lack of a social scene. So here it goes:

I'll just say that I was generally happy to go out and procure drugs and alcohol from fellow students, whether I found them attractive or not, because I was most concerned with how close the alcohol and drugs were to my dorm, not whether I was buying them from a douchebag.

And my parents always say I do nothing to give back to my alma mater.

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