Breaking Travel Advisory for City Council Presidents: Do Not Bring Your Gun on the Airplane!

Akron City Council President Marco Sommerville obviously has a lot on his mind – namely, “When is Don Plusquellic finally gonna keel over so I can be mayor?” That’s the only way to explain how he forgot that little rule we have in this country about Not Bringing Your Gun on an Airplane. On November 12, Sommerville showed up at Akron-Canton Airport on his way to a convention in New Orleans. As he headed through security, TSA officials discovered a loaded .38-caliber in his carry-on bag. They confiscated the weapon and sent Sommerville on his merry way to the Big Easy. (Editor’s note: This is one of the perks of being a city council president. While the rest of us would be interrogated at Guantanamo for the next four years, Sommerville gets sent to party in New Orleans. And that, children, is why it's important to be involved in the democratic process.) His attorney, Robert Meeker, says that the councilman simply forgot the gun was in his bag. “Why would a man with this background and reputation and very high character take a gun to the airport on purpose?” Meeker asks. “Clearly, it was a mistake.” Meeker went on to explain that the morning of the flight, Sommerville headed out from his funeral home, where he often carries a for safety. (Memo to self: Work on that whole crime thing in my neighborhood.) When he went home to pack, he accidentally threw the gun in his carry-on. “He didn’t want it laying around the house,” Meeker says. “But he had no intention of taking a gun to New Orleans.” One Monday, Sommerville was charged with a carrying a concealed weapon with the intent to take it on an airplane. If convicted, his 20-year tenure on City Council will come to an end, and he could soon be living with a guy so dumb he speaks in Braille. – Denise Grollmus
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