Browns Give Hand-Held, Red Zone Equipped TVs to Club Level Season Ticket Holders

Heres the FanVision unit.
  • Here's the FanVision unit.

There was a lot of talk during the NFL offseason about improving the entertainment quality for those folks that choose to go to the games. The logic: It's freaking awesome to watch games at home, less so at the stadium, where you can't check in on other action, etc.

The Browns are taking the idea of bringing the at-home experience into the gameday experience to a new level — for an albeit limited portion of their fans.

Yesterday Club Level season ticket holders got an email from the Browns about "FanVision." Today, they received the units in the mail.

What is it?

A hand-held TV, essentially, with an HD compatible 4.3-inch screen that gives you access to control your own instant replays, live video and audio to other games including Red Zone, fantasy team tracker, local audio, live feeds from multiple cameras around the stadium, split screen capabilities, and more video content — all facilitated by 8.4Mbps continuous streaming.

It's "complimentary" for this season, which means they're hoping to get as many Club Level fans hooked on the probably awesome combo of gameday and at-home NFL experiences.

And if you lose it this season? Or you break it? You owe the browns $200, thank you very much.

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