Busting the Bad Boys

Letters published August 23, 2006

Knowledge is power, ladies: I think the dontdatehimgirl.com website ["Revenge of the Brokenhearted," August 9] is a great idea, though it's shameful that the need for it even exists.

I was married almost 10 years and spent the last 7 single, and I can tell you, there is a big need for this kind of site. I hate to admit how many times I've been taken in by a guy, only to find out he's got a girlfriend, fiancée, or wife. The stories I hear from other single women -- in particular, those in their 30s and 40s -- are similar, in that more and more men seem to lack one key characteristic: integrity.

I'm sure a number of men will respond with stories of women who did them wrong, but I truly believe that an inherent biological drive causes more men to cheat and be disingenuous. They seem to believe that after the facts are out, if they say they truly care about you, it should make everything OK. They want to continue these "friendships," primarily by e-mail, and tell themselves they're not cheating. If not physically unfaithful, they certainly are emotionally, and that is equally painful, if not more so, to the women involved.

I say this site is a blessing to women. And I highly recommend questioning, questioning, and questioning again every single thing that doesn't feel right. Women in committed relationships: Be very observant of how much your significant other is on his cell phone or computer. Don't believe it's just work.

I have been weighing the difficult decision of whether to ruin one poor woman's idea of her upcoming marital bliss in order to spare her pain down the road. Until now, I've opted to let the man's lack of integrity bring it all down upon him, but this website is a very interesting option.

Karen Peterson

Color Commentary
Redd made a good point:
One of your August 9 letters took me back to a Sanford & Son episode that took a shot at the white bias in news reporting. Fred (Redd Foxx) was reporting a crime. The policeman asked if the criminal was colored. Fred responded: "Yeah, white!" If news people don't identifiy a suspect as black or Hispanic, it's a white person.

You folks wrote an excellent story on a serious issue -- a violent rapist on the loose because of issues in the police department. You leave race out of it and stick to the problem. Mr. Preiling wants color specified and implies that color was the issue -- not the fact that predatory sex was driving the assaults.

So who's the racist -- the color-blind reporter, or the man who sees racism behind every other crime?

A.J. Weishar
Fairview Park

A Matter of Opinion
One man's bleat is another man's pet sound:
You suck. Who Killed Marilyn? [Regional Beat, August 9] is an amazing band that works its ass off harder than any band out there.

A Cleveland magazine should recognize good music. Dissing Chris Marinin is just stupid -- he is a great songwriter and a great musician. They worked hard to make and promote the album and started their own record label -- not because no one else would sign them, but because they wanted to do bigger and better things, and help other local bands. To be dissing a band like WKM gives you a bad name.

David Lurie

Rover Came Over
Now throw him a bone:
92.3 needs to consider giving Rover ["Burning Man," July 19] the 3-6 p.m. slot and really start promoting Opie & Anthony for the 6-9 a.m. show. Opie and Anthony rock -- they at least have talent on the show, like Jim Norton and other highly known comedians, instead of Dieter and Duji. Those guys are jokes.

Brian Perk
Valley View

The new big guys on the block: How ironic that Opie & Anthony just picked up Chicago and San Francisco. Gee, you don't think that's related to Rover's departure?

With Howard Stern's absence from commercial radio, Opie & Anthony are the big dogs that bully everyone else around.

Qiong Jia

Our Town
Not everyone is dead from the neck up:
I would like to apologize for the rude, ignorant, backwards behavior of my fellow Madison residents ["Up in Smoke," August 9].

I grew up in this town and unfortunately moved back. I'm embarrassed about the reception you received when writing this article. I just want you to know that not everyone here is an ignorant hillbilly. There is a very small percentage of forward-thinking, unique, interesting, and intelligent people.

Tina Miller

Good Call
Restaurant review earns five stars:
Your review of Tremont's Prosperity Club ["In With the Old," August 2] was a really good depiction of the dining experience. I was told the spinach and artichoke was homemade, and that the taste could not be matched. I felt like I was being served a hearty combination of Campbell's soups.

Your review was dead on. I don't appreciate reviews that are bogus or out to thrash, grind, or promote. I appreciate true reporting. The place has a lot of potential. Drop the prices a bit, rejuvenate the menu, and we are talking about a Cleveland cornerstone sitting at the base of Tremont.

Chris Tuma

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