Caller urges club to cut the "hip-hop bull crap," marking first use of "bull crap" since 1998

In July, the Warehouse District’s Spy Bar leaked to The Plain Dealer a secretly taped tirade by Cleveland vice sergeant Terry Shoulders. In a conversation the day after a shooting outside of the club, Shoulders blamed owner Raj Singh for attracting the violence, calling his club's clientèle “pigeons” and “rats.” If Singh didn’t change his promotions, “I’ll come in here every night,” Shoulders vowed, “and I’ll throw the fucking people out every night.” When the tape leaked, some Clevelanders applauded Shoulders’ threats as old school police work of the first rate. To others it was oblique racism. Spy Bar, which is now in danger of losing its liquor license due to the violence, attracts a mostly black crowd. Either way, Flats nightclub Mirage feels left out of the debate. See, that club attracts the same type of crowd, and faces the same danger of losing its’ liquor license due to violence and rowdiness in the streets outside. And, as owner Dean Salivaris wants you to know, they’ve got a tape of their own — a recorded voicemail from a fed up Clevelander demanding that Mirage stop attracting “thugs.” Where Shoulders had denounced Spy’s college ID promotion, this caller orders Mirage to “cut these hip-hop nights” out, saying the club makes the West Bank look like “fucking Oakland or something.” “We don’t want this shit anymore,” the voice intones, “if you wanna have a hip hop night, build Mirage at E. 55th and Kinsman where it belongs.” You can listen to the caller's message here:

-- Gus Garcia-Roberts
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