Cancer Victims: Suck it Up

This letter is in regard to the article I read about the toxic waste dump in Valley View ["Tomb With A View," January 10]. It is sad to see that people are still trying to blame everyone else for bad things that happen to them. Obviously God is pissed at Mr. Berger for something he did. I can't believe that NONE of the people in the article smoked, ate fast food, or did anything detrimental in their lives. Cancer is the nation's #1 killer of all people far and wide. Tell those people to suck it up, quit blaming others for their misfortunes, and think about that lady in Michigan who doesn't live in Valley View who has cancer, or that child in New York born with birth defects. Believe me, if your water was green and foamy and you didn't call someone to complain, then you get what you deserve. Oh, by the way, how convenient that the report you cited suddenly went "missing" after your story. You could have come up with something better than that. Amber Blonski Cleveland
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