No matter where you stand on the goals of PETA (People for the Ethilca Treatment of Animals), you have to admit, they’re pretty clever when it comes to getting their message out. With a foot of snow on the ground it’d be tough (and arguably cruel) to attempt the popular naked-girl-in-a-cage-on-the-sidewalk stunt, so instead the group is making an offer to Mayor Frank Jackson: Let us shovel the snow in front of City Hall in exchange for some free ad space.

PETA says it will perform the winter chore after the next big snowstorm if Jackson allows the group to stencil an advertisement on a City Hall sidewalk that says, "Chained Dog? A Chilling Tail" The slogan, the group says, draws attention to the plight of Cleveland canines that spend the winter chained in a backyard. PETA also wants Cleveland City Council to pass an ordinance that bans “the tethering of dogs outside, as legislators in many forward-thinking towns and cities across the U.S. have already done,” the group says in a release.

Outdoor pooches in the winter, PETA says, "go mad from lack of exercise, boredom, and loneliness." (Kind of like some of us, trapped inside.) — Damian Guevara

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