Canton Woman's Dangerous Poop Juice Cleanse Gets National Scrutiny

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One Canton woman has convinced thousands of Facebook followers that her homemade cabbage concoction can potentially heal all ailments, including cancer, Down Syndrome and autism.

As a recent exposé by BuzzFeed News discovered, Jillian MaiThi Epperly has a totally made up (and highly dangerous) theory that all illnesses and problems are caused by a gut fungus named candida. In order to alleviate this, Epperly says folks just need to mix up a batch of her salty, fermented cabbage juice called 'Jilly Juice,' drink up to a gallon a day and all will be healed. To be clear, Epperly is not a doctor of anything.

The juice naturally makes people poop, a lot. Like, so much poop that it is described as coming out of the body in "waterfalls." Epperly even joked once in a video that she was proud to be the "leader of a poop cult.”

When interviewed by BuzzFeed about what keeps her going, despite Facebook petitions and bloggers working to out her as a fraud, she made it clear that her remedy is all about believing that it will work.

“We’re using a different context in my world, and the manifestations from the salt and the accessing of the nutrients is gonna give you a different context of what the symptoms are,” Epperly told BuzzFeed. “So essentially what it is, is we’re trying to turn an atheist into a Christian.”

There are currently multiple petitions to ban Epperly from Facebook. But so far, Facebook has not found her movement dangerous enough to step in and take her page down. Complaints have also been made to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Ohio Medical Board.

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