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"Racism Reversed," October 24

Whiteout this mayor's title: The only thing wrong with this article is the title — racism is racism. There's no such thing as "reverse racism."

What's more, as a black woman — hell, as a human being — I am thoroughly disgusted with this woman. Her so-called attempts to empower blacks only result in us having to work harder to prove ourselves, and the fact that this country's history "is what it is" is certainly no excuse. Discrimination is disgusting in all its forms.

I found one thing to be very interesting, however. At one point the woman (who doesn't deserve the title "mayor") said: "I have friends who are white, doctors who are white . . . Even my law director is white."

This is generally the same line white people throw out to "prove" their diversity. If a person's race was really of no consequence to her, she wouldn't be keeping count.

Bronwen Taylor
Houston, Texas

"The New McCarthyism," October 17

A Few Bad Men
Joey McCarthy a Top Gun? Only with Eyes Wide Shut: Someone obviously doesn't know much about the 1950s, the Hollywood Ten, the House Un-American Activities Committee, or the Red Scare (much like all the Iran, Iraq, and Al-Qaeda scares used to concoct unjust wars). Nor does this person know about the real Senator Joe McCarthy, who, like so many, took refuge in patriotism and religious zealotry.

McCarthy committed the very kinds of evils he accused others of thinking about; he was the criminal. He felt it could be justified by viciously going after people who exercised their constitutional rights as American citizens, and others who were merely on the periphery — by being the thought police.

Didn't you see that Tom Cruise movie? He wasn't a hero; he was a criminal. A dangerous fascist and totalitarian. He was of the same ilk as Dick Cheney, G.W. Bush, their current pro-Zionist neocons, and all those who think nothing of spying on American citizens who have done nothing wrong. Just another right-wing Republican who believed the ends justified the means, and if he had to, he would construct the results of his investigations to match his expectations. Just like the people in power now.

Ray Griffiths

Letters, October 24

Licensed to Not Suck
Don't go postal over government workers: Dennis Fogarty exposes his ignorance with his nasty, hate-filled diatribe about government employees. Dennis, the people on the other side of the counter when you renew your license are not government employees. The license centers have been privatized for years. And frankly, in my opinion, these people are polite, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Gerald Seidel
Cleveland Heights

"The Attitude Adjuster," October 24

Joy Boy
Give Mr. Happy a big squeeze for us: All the naysayers will come out and say: "This is BS." And they will be right, because that's what they believe. Jim is simply saying that you are what you believe and what you want to believe. I've known him for years and have seen his progression. Attitude is everything, and he is proof of that. Let those who are negative stay negative, if that's what they want. For me and others like Jim and those he has touched, we'd rather look at the good side of life and center our lives around that. Blessed are they who expect nothing, for they shall never be disappointed.

Tom Dankowski
Columbia Station

"Eight Quickies," Stage, October 17

Cool Reception
He just doesn't understand: I was surprised that Christine Howey wrote such negative comments about my popular play "In the Cool, Cool, Cool." There is nothing "abstract" about this play. If she didn't understand it, she should have been honest and written, "I didn't understand it."

Peter Papadopoulos
Terre Haute, Indiana

Nightwatch, September 26

Nothing Better Than the Best
Pete gets past Beatle mania: Pete Best is one of the kindest, sweetest people you'd ever want to meet. He does not have a conceited bone in his body. Pete is not bitter about the past — he has the best of both worlds, as he is free to walk down the street, doesn't need bodyguards or have paparazzi surrounding him, and he can still beat a mean drum and have fun with his bandmates and make us extremely happy with his music. Pete definitely is the "Best" Beatle.

Barbara Wright
Bowie, Maryland

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