Cavs Among Pro Sports Teams That Have Stopped Staying in Trump Hotels

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Photo by Emanuel Wallce

The Washington Post, in pursuit of delineating how Donald Trump's presidency has had varying effects on Trump properties, and in the aftermath of Trump's attacks on pro athletes, asked teams that had used Trump hotels in the past if they still use them now. The answer: not many. In fact, maybe just one of the 17 that had used them before.

While the NFL has relationship with Marriott, and while the league necessarily requires more rooms based on the sizes of the roster, the NBA in particular enjoyed VIP status at Trump properties. The Cavs were on the list of teams that the Washington Post put together, and they're not the team that has continued the relationship — they ceased booking Trump rooms at the end of last season.

Which is not particularly surprising, given the presence of LeBron "U Bum" James. Number 23, in fact, was one of the Cavs players who chose not to stay in the Trump SoHo last December despite the fact that the team had rooms booked in advance, and used a healthy portion of his time in front of the cameras on Cavs media day to elaborate on his thoughts on the President.
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