Cavs' Roll Makes it Hard for a Lady to Pee

The crowds that descended on downtown Saturday night to watch the Cavs victory were a rare treat for the Poorest City in America. Throngs decked in Lebron jerseys and “Rise up!” signs filled the streets and jockeyed for space on the grassy lawn near the Q, where oversized TV screens were set up to watch the game. Bar business was booming, especially in the area around East 4th Street, a short walk from the arena. At The Corner Alley, the spacious, swanky bowling spot, it was standing-room only by the end of the first quarter. But somewhere toward the middle of the game, the ladies’ room actually ran out of toilet paper — completely. The apologetic attendant was handing out squares of paper towel. And upstairs, the drink choices were dwindling. More exotic beer brands such as Hoegaarden disappeared, and 16-oz bottles of Bud Light became ubiquitous. As the game neared its climax, the bouncer started holding shut the revolving door, warning eager crowds not to come in. For a city that usually begs for customers, it was an eerie sight. Here’s hoping the Cavs keep up their streak. Every bar owner downtown will thank them. – Lisa Rab
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