CBD Popularity in Southern U.S. States

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By Richard Cowan

I think CBD is popular in the South because of several things: first off, most of the southern states do not even have medical marijuana laws. This is changing rapidly, but nowhere near rapidly enough. This is one thing where people who have heard about medical marijuana, know they can't get it. Well, maybe this will help. And of course, in many cases it does. There's another aspect of it that is not really widely considered, and that is, again, that most of the southern states have really severe marijuana laws. The southern states are really the last stronghold of Mexican commercial weed, which is really not very good. And so people are accustomed to smoking a lot. You know, if you smoke a whole lot of CBD, you may get some conversion to THC. Don't tell the narcs. The fact is that in the deep south, people are literally hurting, and they're trying to get help in any way they can. The best way to do it, of course, is to get the damn laws changed so that people can actually wave the flag and talk about freedom. They're not lying to themselves.

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