Center Street Bridge Reopens, Finally


Rejoice, Cleveland, for today is a great day.

The Center Street Swing Bridge, which connects the East and West banks of the Flats and which had been closed since July 19 of last year, is now open.

$2.6 million was the pricetag to fix the bridge (originally built in 1904, reconstructed in 1989), according to the PD.

Mechanical issues and parts replacement were the reasons for the year-long shutdown, a full calendar year of a round-about detour up through Ohio City and the Detroit Superior Bridge for anyone seeking to navigate the river between the banks.

Like us, we're sure you're most excited about the straight shot available from downtown to the Harbor Inn, but if you're a Goodtime rider, a poker player, or a concertgoer at Jacobs Pavilion, you're probably pretty excited too.

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