Change? Really?

Letters 11/15/2008

Former Judge Burt Griffin remains one of the finest jurists to have sat on the bench. His recent essay "A Real Chance for Change" (October 29) seems to miss a trenchant point.

A "94-year-old black veteran of World War II"; a former U.S. Ambassador; a reformed addict; and a high school faculty advisor all seem to agree that "if Obama is elected, young black men will try harder," "apply themselves," and "will offer unmotivated black males … a role model to emulate other than criminals, rappers, athletes, preachers and entertainers.…" "[His] example could forever change our landscape."

Why didn't the landscape change when Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Supreme Court or Colin Powell and/or Condoleeza Rice to Secretary of State? Why didn't the landscape change when Shelby Steel, Walter Williams and Thomas Sowell began to influence political and economic thinking? Why didn't the landscape change when George Johnson started to make his millions? Why didn't the landscape change when Johnnie E. Wilson or Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. became four-star generals?

Well, the landscape did change; it just wasn't the change the left-liberal elites want to see exemplified. All of these men set examples that required self-application and discipline. But an Alan Keyes isn't allowed: You don't want any examples that don't fit the conventional, so-called progressive mold.

Personally, I can't forget the many black businessmen from Wall Street and Atlanta who appeared as witnesses during the Clarence Thomas hearings. Most of them were and remain unknown. Are they worthy of emulation? Absolutely. Are they rich enough that they are going to get reamed by Obama's progressive tax policies? You betcha. Were they black enough like Sharpton or Jesse or King to get more fawning publicity? Obviously not.

To me it seems the media and the elites have their own agenda as to who gets fame. Obama is the perfect example. Obama may not, in fact, be black enough, but he is surely left enough to make up for it. And that's part of the shame really: Without the Marxist politics, he would have neither the fame nor the charisma to be The One. This is how the left destroys its own: If you don't comply, oblivion awaits. At best, he'd be another Thurgood Marshall, and what kind of example is that anyway?

Michael Varga-Sinka



Jo Steigerwald, thanks for writing "The Democratic Process" (a review of How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative, October 29). Allen Raymond may make money off of his book, and so be it. A really amazing part of his life story is that no matter where his life may take him, he will always be a first-rate douchebag of the highest degree. Money will not make the man.

Sean Richardson

West Virginia


1) Teach Palin geography. Let Sarah know that Africa is not a city in Montana nor a country in Europe nor a continent on Mars.

2) Return Palin's wardrobe to Cindy McCain. The Republican National Committee did not buy Sarah her clothes. Those are the clothes that Cindy McCain forgot that she owns.

3) Tag and release Sarah Palin back into the Alaskan wild.

Eddie Morales



Bravo! "He Could Do Better" (by Jara Anton, November 5) resonated with practical insight. I just crawled away from a crash 'n' burn breakup myself, and you shed a lot of light on the female psyche, a perspective most men ignore after their heart's been ripped out and devoured. Had I read your article 20 years ago when I began my single lifestyle, I would have saved hundreds of dollars (on candy, flowers and tequila binges) and would have been much more efficient when it came to "the quick recovery." I'm sharing your article with all my buddies, single and married. It's practical advice that goes a long way and does put men back on the offense. Looking forward to reading more of your work and hope to trip across more women with your perspective on life.

Don Antos


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