Chardon Football Coach on the Cover of Sports Illustrated

This week's Sports Illustrated features Frank Hall on the cover. The Chardon football coach was an unqualified hero on February 27 of last year when T.J. Lane opened fire at Chardon High School, killing three. Many more may have died if not for Hall's bravery.


He's profiled by Gary Smith this week, and we can't wait to read it. The PD has a little anecdote from one of Hall's many talks when he's inevitably asked to talk about the tragedy. Naturally, Hall is self-deprecating.

"My wife would always answer my phone for me because all these people were calling — Oprah, Anderson Cooper, you name it," he begins. "One day, Sports Illustrated called, and my wife hollers down to the basement, "Hey, it's Sports Illustrated." For guys my age, Sports Illustrated was "it" back in the day, before ESPN.

"I'm thinking this will be my only chance to get in Sports Illustrated. I get on the phone and the lady says, "I'd like to tell you about an exciting offer we have for a two-year subscription.' "

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