Chump of the Week: Jay Ward, McDonald's Drive-Thru Stickup Man

The suspect.
  • The suspect.

These are tough times indeed, when a guy can't even find the couch change for the dollar menu at the Golden Arches. Tougher still, when said guy brainstorms a solution: go back with a gun and demand that Big Mac.

On Wednesday morning around 2AM, Jay Ward allegedly put in an order at the McDonald's on Buckeye Road, according to 19ActionNews. When it came time to fork over his dollars and cents, Ward said his pockets were empty. The employees didn't toss any pity fries his way, so he left.

Later, Ward returned to the drive-thru with a gun. The workers ran, and Ward unsuccessfully tried to get the money from the register. He was later arrested by police.

  • Downsized.

In a statement to the press, the chain says due to budget cuts, Officer Big Mac's hours have been shortened, hence the gap in security. The chain is currently implementing a program that will train volunteers to fill in, but at the time of the robbery, Grimace had yet to pass the physical exam.

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