City, State and National Leaders Join Soon-To-Be Newlyweds in Celebrating SCOTUS Ruling

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The steps of Cleveland City Hall were flush with the celebratory cries of justice today, as a rally for equal rights unfolded hours after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality across all 50 states.

"The arc of history, this week, as Dr. King would say, is bending a little bit more toward Justice," U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown told the crowd. He noted how there are still fights to be fought when it comes to employment and housing discrimination, but that today was an historical event.

Brown also said that, while he, of course, knows the importance of elections, the representatives that voters put into office end up appointing the judges who preside over decisions like today. "Elections matter," the senator said.

Earlier in the day, Rob Rivera and Dan Seifried were the first couple to acquire their marriage certificate in Cuyahoga County. They showed up at the rally and told Scene that the feeling was "surreal." Their wedding, scheduled 10 months ago, happens to be tonight.

Down the street at the Probate Court, couples were formalizing their marriages before Judge Anthony Russo. 

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