City Club CEO Dan Moulthrop Responds to Scene Questions


After Dan Moulthrop was appointed CEO of the Cleveland City Club earlier this month, we submitted questions for him. Moulthrop was good enough to get back to us, and he's revealed himself to be as cute and charming as we all thought he was.

Take a look at his answers below.

1) Have you ever fallen asleep at a City Club talk?

2) Were you drunk at the time?

3) What's your favorite book by Dave Eggers?
What is the What. Though I've just started Hologram for a King and it's promising.

4) Will this new position occasion any significant upgrades in your suit/shoe rotation?
It already has.

5) As City Club CEO, will you institute a "No Girls Allowed" rule, just for fun?
Hadn't considered it, really. Pretty sure the women on the board would murder me.

6) But what about on April Fools' Day?
Oh. Only if the board let my 4-year-old make the sign. Which is probably "no," too.

7) As City Club CEO, will you institute a club password?
Not sayin'

8) And for the record, what's your opinion on tree houses?
Never had one but always wanted one. They are a vital contribution to the history of place-making. And for the record, girls would be allowed.

9) Who is the most important person in Cleveland? (Why?)
Everyone under 30. We ignore too many of these seriously talented, energetic and capable people. We have to embrace the contributions they're making to our city.

10) What's the best City Club event you've ever attended?
It's usually the person I've never heard before. I really got my mind blown by the former County Executive of King County Washington, Ron Sims. He was talking about the importance of place and how where you live is a determinant of health outcomes. If you've got a playground within a quarter mile, childhood obesity rates are miniscule. As that distance grows, obesity rates jump. It was kind of a jaw-dropper for me. So simple, and, in theory, easy to fix.

11) In descending order, who are the five best singers in Cleveland politics?
According to my sources, Subodh Chandra, KJ Montgomery, Matt Zone (rap and breakdancing), Nina Turner and Bob Triozzi.

12) In ascending order, who are the five best dancers in Cleveland journalism?
I know I'm good. I once danced with Renee Montagne. Beyond that, I couldn't say. I'm usually too busy shaking it.

13) What's one important issue in Cleveland people aren't paying enough attention to?
Immigration. You guys have read me grinding my axe about this, but I really think we ought to stop looking at it as either good or bad and more as the product of global economic forces that we're either going to harness for the betterment of the community or ignore to our detriment.

14) What's the future of the Civic Commons?
It's bright. If this opportunity hadn't come along, I would have been very happy to continue to evolve with the whole project of helping the community get better at connecting with itself. And we'll be teaming up with them very soon.

15) Have you ever worn women's underwear?
This is a trick question, right?

16) If you could invite one deceased person to give a speech at the City Club, who would it be?
Martin Luther King, Jr. Hands down. Or Lincoln. Wait. I'm not sure.

17) What's your favorite sentence in the annals of speech literature?
Wait. There are annals? Awesome.

18) Which Cleveland Indian will hit the most home runs this year?
Cabrera. You heard it here first.

19) What's your favorite restaurant in Cleveland?
I really wish Sarava was still open and Sergio Abramoff was still with us. But if I had to say right now, it would be either Ginko, Spice or Fire. Or Tastebud's.

20) What's your go-to cocktail?
a couple of decades ago, I lived on Eastern Parkway in Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, and summers were steamy. We survived drinking Woodrow Wilsons. It's a gin and tonic with a splash of grapefruit and a lime. Served in a pint glass. We made it up. The building we lived in was called the Woodrow Wilson.

21) What's (one of) the most exciting development project(s) in downtown?
The County moving in to Prospect and 9th and the redevelopment of the old Breuer building (Ameritrust Tower) could be a tremendous catalyst for development around East 9th and Euclid, a location I've long loved and one which has recently become much more significant to me.

22) If you had 10 minutes with Mayor Frank Jackson, what would your conversation be about?
Last time it was about the schools. I think this time it would be about immigration. Humanity is on the move and I'm not convinced City Hall is asking the right questions.

23) Dogs or cats?
Neither. They're fine for other people but I'm allergic to one and too lazy to care for the other.

24) What are two achievable goals for your first year as CEO of the City Club?
Coverage in Scene Magazine. And funnier tweets. Seriously, though, we're striving to make both the people on stage and the people in the seats better represent the diversity in our communities.

25) What is your favorite YouTube video of all time?
Eric Whitacre's YouTube choir. I think I cried the first time I saw it.

BONUS QUESTION: What is the most ridiculous pickup line you've ever personally used, and did it work? I'm taking the 5th. But thanks for asking.

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