City of Cleveland Urges and Funds Zack Reed's Transfer To Suburban Jail

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Citing "risk" in housing Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed among the rest of the House of Correction inmates, the city's Department of Public Safety requested his 10-day trip to prison be switched over to more suburban dwellings. This morning, Reed checked in at the Solon Detention Facility. Per the request, the Cleveland tax base will pay out the contract for Solon to house the criminal to the tune of $85 each day.

He was sentenced to 180 days in jail, but he will serve only 10.

The last time Reed was confined, he was holed in the city's House of Correction, though officials kept him in the medical bay for his protection, according to Jail Manager Lisa Scafidi. That was back in 2007.

Via Maureen Harper, communications director for Mayor Frank Jackson:

The dormitory style House of Corrections may have put the Councilman at risk because he may have been sharing quarters with individuals who were the subject of complaints by the Councilman or may have been impacted by laws Mr. Reed helped enact. While there was no specific threat, this decision was a proactive move to better ensure Mr. Reed's safety during incarceration.

A few reminders as to how we all got to this point:

- "I have to give up alcohol," he tells Scene in 2008. "Me and alcohol can't coexist." The odd woe-is-me bit comes after two DUIs.
- Reed is arrested March 5, 2013, for driving like a moron downtown. He's drunk.
- In court, Reed pleads the "Listerine" defense. He is found guilty (DUI No. 3!) and sentenced to 90 days in jail, 10 of which he'll actually serve (see above).
- Sept. 10: Reed is re-elected to his City Council office. Local pundits shrug their shoulders and ask the bartender for another one.
- Today, Reed checks into a suburban prison at the city's behest. The office pools on when DUI No. 4 will take place have already opened, as the clunky behavior of enabling an alcoholic continues.

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