City Releases Extended Tamir Rice Video, Shows Officers' Treatment of Sister, Loehmann in Distress

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Thursday morning, the City of Cleveland released extended footage from the Cudell Recreation Center which shows the aftermath of the Tamir Rice shooting. 

The video corroborates earlier statements by Samaria Rice and local witnesses who said that police handcuffed Tamir's sister and did not immediately administer first aid to the wounded Tamir. 

Tamir's sister emerges on screen at about the 1:40 mark, where she's promptly met by officer Frank Garmback and pushed to the ground like a tailback meeting a linebacker in open field.

Full video below. 

It's unclear when Tamir first receives medical attention. For most of this video, growing numbers of police officers appear to be milling around. One officer begins cordoning off the area with caution tape at about the 11:30 mark.

As in the original video of the shooting released by police, the most striking element (other than the immediacy with which Timothy Loehmann discharges his weapon) is Loehmann in the immediate wake of the shooting.

Though the video is choppy — only about two frames per second — Loehmannn is clearly in distress. Watch from :30 to 1:40: At first it looks like he's getting in a defensive position behind the cruiser, but then he leans against it, unsteady on his legs. He puts his head into his hands, crouches, grabs his side and almost heaves (is he vomiting?). He stands and tries to compose himself.

These are not the actions of a trained police officer who made a split-second decision and guessed wrong; these are the actions of a jumpy rookie who knows he made a huge mistake.     

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