Clean Up Your Own Yards: An Employee Defends Mittal Steel

I work at Mittal Steel. I have been there for 8 years and just recently went to the doctor for optical migranes, which are from stress, not from pollution. I have had tests done and there are no high levels of anything in my system accept the ability to keep my yard and house clean! If anyone should have problems due to the mill, it would be us the workers. If our neighbors have problems they should look in their own backyards. Their houses are a mess when I drive by on my way to work. Take a look at your own yards. Maybe you should clean up for real ! As for wildlife in the area, I have personally caught a snake and a toad, which I brought home to my children for pets. I also see alot of other animals in the mill every day I work. Maybe you should look in your yards for problems like garbage and smell. I bet there's rats in your yards; that's wildlife. As for the pictures I seen in the magazine, we all know that it is steam coming out of those stacks. Steam dissipates in the air, smoke does not. That mill was only closed for a year and a couple months in the past. Just wait and see when it's closed for about 5 years and there are no more taxes coming from it and your cities are asking you for that money out of your pockets. You will be crying to have the mill back! As for arsenic, that is not a byproduct of making steel. Sulfer is, but it is a byproduct of second-hand smoke from those cigarettes you smoke with your kids in your house and those boxes of rat poison laying all over! So clean up for real! Anonymous
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