Documents: Cleveland Announces Disciplinary Charges Filed Against Officers in Tamir Rice Case

In a press conference called with 19 minute notice to the media on a Friday after work before a holiday weekend, the city of Cleveland announced that administrative and internal disciplinary charges were filed against the officers involved in the shooting and killing of Tamir Rice but didn't announce the specific charges.

The assembled leaders — Frank Jackson, Chief Williams, deputy chief Wayne Drummond, and public safety director Mike McGrath — took questions in the most nominal sense of the word. They said the charge letters would be released after the press conference and that questions could then be directed to City Hall spokesman Dan Williams and police spokeswoman Jennifer Ciaccia, thus allowing the city officials to abscond without answering any direct questions.

"As you know we've been conducting the adminstrative side of the investigation around the shooting in November 2014 of Tamir Rice," said Frank Jackson, who said little else during the affair, to open the presser. "The criminal side has been completed and you also know there was a settlement on the civil side. The only thing left in regard to the procedure is that of the administrative side."

(Update: The charge letters for Timothy Loehmann, Frank Garmback and William Cunningham are embedded in full below. All the charges for Loehmann stem from his lying on his application for Cleveland, specifically omitting his problems as an officer in Independence that led to him resigning from the suburb instead of being fired. No charges relate to his actions on the day he shot Tamir Rice.)

One of the officers, Chief Williams said, will come before him directly for violation of department rules and procedures. While declining to get into specifics, officials broadly stated that charges for the officers ranged from adminstrative violations to violations of the use of force policy. Williams said he made the recommendations to public safety director Mike McGrath after reviewing the report from the critical incident committee, impaneled by Mayor Jackson and led by Wayne Drummond.

Public safety director Mike McGrath said that pre-disciplinary hearings will be scheduled for this month.

In addition, the city noted that "the Department of Public Safety Quality Control Office conducted an investigation into the hiring of Patrol Officer Timothy Loehmann, specifically the application documents filed by Loehmann."

The two main officers: Frank Garmback, who was driving the cruiser, and Timothy Loehmann, who shot and killed Rice. Officer Cunningham, who was also mentioned, was off duty and working a secondary job at the Cudell rec center.

PO Timothy Loehmann Charge Letter by VinceGrzegorek on Scribd

PO Frank Garmback III Charge Letter by VinceGrzegorek on Scribd

Tamir Rice Case, Officer Charge Letters by VinceGrzegorek on Scribd

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