Cleveland-Area FM Stations, Ranked

Last week, the free Sirius in a newish (to me, at least) car ran out and I was blessed with the opportunity to listen to a whole bunch of FM stations. They still make those (I promise) and they still employ people (I think) and Taylor Swift can be found on approximately 93% of them at any given time (I'm positive). With that small sample size, which feels super large actually, here's how I'd rank them. Just one man's opinion. Feel free to disagree, yell at me, or tell me I'm an idiot for not streaming Pandora or Spotify, the latter of which is apparently the only way to escape Ms. Swift. (92.3 FM The Fan not included because it's sports and no one in their right mind should listen to sports talk radio.)

1. 91.1, CWRU

2. 88.7, John Carroll

3a. 88.3, Baldwin Wallace
3b. 89.3, CSU

4. 87.7, La Mega (it's fucking fun, folks)

5. 99.5, WGAR

6. 99.1, WMMS2

7. 90.3, WCPN

8. 96.5, WAKS (if only for 15 minutes at a time)

9. 107.9, WENZ

10. 105.7, WMJI

11. Sitting in complete silence no matter how long the drive is

12. 104.1, WQAL

13. 100.7, WMMS

14. 94.9, WQMX

15. Singing "Shake It Off" to yourself even though you only know the chorus

16. 98.5, WNCX

17. 106.5, WHLK

18. Calling your mom while driving and feeling guilty for the rest of the day that you don't call her more

19. 102.1, WDOK

20. 97.5, WONE

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