Cleveland Club DJs Team Up for Mixtape

Super Pimp, with DJ Donkis one over on the left.
  • Super Pimp, with DJ Donkis one over on the left.

For all you cool kids and habituates of clubland, today is the release date for a mix cooked up by none other than the DJs twisting the nobs at downtown hotspots. The package is called West 6th Mix Volume Two and it features all the big local names – Djs E-V, Pana, Flaco, Donkis, and others.

Basically,these guys have gone under the hood and rewired a lot of familiar songs into new ear candy. Some of the tunes are re-worked club hits from the likes of Kanye and Rhianna; our favorites are left-field outliers you wouldn't expect in a set of club bangers – like Fleetwood Mac and Elvis. Oh, and there's a Master P track. Why don't people jam Master P like we did in '97? Miss that guy . . .

If, like us, you're growing a little socially adverse to going out, this completes the at-home experience: in the comforts of your own studio apartment living room/kitchenette/bedroom, chug some vodka, tear a bunch of $20 bills into tiny pieces, pee a little on your shoes, don't have sex, throw a sweaty oven mitt over your head, and put this on the speakers – ta-da, it's just like Barley on Friday night!

But seriously, there's good music on this tape. Also, if you look at the mix's cover, you'll see a familiar mug beaming out at you – Super Pimp. Our former cover boy is the fitting guiding spirit for the mix , and if you dive into this promotional video (after the jump), you'll see the man in action.

Super Pimp also wanted us to let you know: Don't be shy. You can reach out to him on his web site, tap his shoulder electronically on Twitter, or just say hey when you see him out. He's very nice.

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