Cleveland Cops Are Actually Ticketing for Jaywalking Right Now


Jaywalking is the birthright of Clevelanders. Having no use for crosswalks and the common sense to know that dammit we're in a hurry, screw those cars, the streets of downtown are basically a game of Frogger.

That's especially true in Public Square, which is groundzero for a purported crackdown by cops on Cleveland's right to cross the street whenever we damn please.

19 Action News reports Cleveland police are out en masse ticketing jaywalkers. That transgression will cost you a tidy sum of $150 if you're caught.

The reason for the enforcement is maybe probably absolutely definitely the imminent arrival of the casino. Public Square is the little cousin Cleveland wishes it didn't have. The once historic square is now a glorified bus depot with some old statues, little more than a home for Occupy Cleveland, vagrants, panhandlers, and the occasional actual working person who's become lost on their way to Johnny's.

This is not the public face the city wants to present on the doorstep of Dan Gilbert's palace.

So, check for cops and maybe try to use some crosswalks now and then in the coming weeks. Feel free to give everyone the finger while doing so, however.

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