Cleveland is One of the Safest Cities for Pedestrians


The mean streets of Cleveland aren't so mean according to a new report from Transportation for America. "Dangerous by Design" catalogs and ranks pedestrian safety numbers from across the nation for the last decade, a report the group emphasizes is necessary because of the 47,000 pedestrians killed and 688,000 injured by cars since 2000. They note that "despite the fact that pedestrians account for 12 percent of all road fatalities, pedestrian safety only gets 1.5 percent of safety funding."

Cleveland, out of 52 metro areas, ranked second best, with 139 fatalities over the decade. Other numbers for the Forest City walkers:1.1 average annual pedestrian fatalities per 100,000 people, 2.2% walk to work, and a 29.1 Pedestrian Danger Index, the fancy metric they used to rank cities. (Boston was the best, Orlando the worst.)

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