Cleveland Is Pretty Gay

Gay Games in Cleveland will make Cleveland more gay.
  • Gay Games in Cleveland will make Cleveland more gay.

The Advocate unsheathed their second annual Gayest City in America rankings and Cleveland was lucky enough to snag a spot in the top 15, mostly thanks to the city's imminent hosting of the Gay Games, because the mag seems to struggle for anything else to mention.

Here's their blurb as to why Cleveland is the No. 12 gayest city in America:

12. Cleveland

Who knew? Cleveland is about to become a major gay stomping ground. After much effort, the city won the bid to host the 2014 Gay Games ( "We see this as a springboard," says Sharon Kobayashi, vice president of the tourism group Positively Cleveland. "We hope to make Cleveland a gay destination." Things are changing quickly here: The city council added protections for transgender people to Cleveland's antidiscrimination laws in housing and employment, and there's a country line-dancing group, the Rainbow Wranglers, which meets every Thursday at the Mean Bull.

Some gay guy somewhere just read that last line, thought to himself, "Hot damn, I was going to move to the East Village, but now I'm going to Cleveland. They have the Rainbow Wranglers."

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