Cleveland "Not a Police State" for LeBron's Return


Many have worried, probably justifiably, that things could turn ugly tonight upon LeBron's return to Cleveland. The Cavs, the league, Cleveland police, and the Miami Heat have coordinated to keep fans and players safe. And while rumors of severe crackdowns on fans are probably far-fetched, as Dan Gilbert himself tweeted earlier this week, there will be a heavier police and security presence around the arena.

That doesn't mean it's a police state though. Vulgar t-shirts and rowdy drunken behavior will not be tolerated, but fans are allowed to be fans.

According to the PD:

"We’re not trying to create a police state for this game,” (Cavs spokesman Tad Carper) said. “We’ve gone through a very comprehensive process with the league security folks, the local authorities, the Cleveland Police Department, and we feel like we have a great plan in place to make sure we have a safe, law-abiding environment.”

“There’s stuff that crosses the line and there’s a lot that doesn’t cross the line, and that stuff’s fine,” (Carper) said. “Bring the emotion, bring the passion, bring the energy and, maybe most importantly, bring your support for the Cavaliers because we need it, we want it, we’re thankful for it and that’ll really have an impact Thursday night. But don’t do anything to embarrass yourself or embarrass the city and community.”

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