Cleveland One of the 15 Least Safe Cities in America, New Study Finds

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Cleveland One of the 15 Least Safe Cities in America, New Study Finds
Photo Courtesy of Tony Webster via Wikimedia Commons
In news that may not be shocking to anyone paying attention, the personal finance website WalletHub recently found Cleveland to be one of the least safe cities in the country to live.

Ranked 169th out of 181 cities, Cleveland makes the Top 15 (or Bottom 15?) of
cities that fared the worst in three categories: Home and community safety, natural disaster risk and financial safety.

WalletHub then divided these categories into 39 sets of data, including things like assaults per capita, road quality and poverty rates. Cleveland, while not at much risk for natural disasters, didn't have a good showing in the community and financial safety categories.

While Cleveland is deemed the least safe city in Ohio, Columbus and Cincinnati also have a lot of room for improvement coming in 159th and 146th on the list, respectively.

This isn't Cleveland's first time making a list of this sort, as Forbes recently listed the city as the ninth most dangerous in the country. We've also ranked high in teen gun violence rates and murder rates per capita.

The most safe cities in America include:
1. Columbia, MD
2. South Burlington, VT
3. Plano, TX
4. Virginia Beach, VA
5. Warwick, RI
6. Gilbert, AZ
7. Yonkers, NY
8. Bismarck, ND
9. Nashua, NH
10. Boise, ID

The least safe cities in the country include:
173. Jackson, MS
174. Los Angeles, CA
175. Wichita, KS
176. Oklahoma City, OK
177. Detroit, MI
178. Little Rock, AR
179. Baton Rouge, LA
180. San Bernardino, CA
181. Fort Lauderdale, FL
182. St. Louis, MO

Read the entire WalletHub study right here.
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