Cleveland Park Space Gets So-So National Ranking

Cleveland: Where asphalt meets beauty
  • Cleveland: Where asphalt meets beauty
The Cleveland Metroparks are kinda the crown jewel of our fair city (along with Matt Fish's contribution to sandwiches). In other words, don't even try to tell us our green space is any less than the greatest in the WORLD.

The Trust for Public Land, however, just stepped over the line.

Tossing Cleveland a middle-of-the-road No. 25 ranking out of the 50 biggest cities in the U.S., the Trust ensured that our city's devotion to parks got relegated to company such as Kansas City and Detroit. Wh-Wh-Whaat?

It seems that the biggest barriers to Minneapolis-level success are access to parks (about 80 percent in Cleveland) and green space proportion (a little more than 6 percent).

Nevertheless, the Trust did round up a handful of interesting stats:

- City area: 49,726 acres
- Median park size: 3.59 acres
- Park land as % of city area: 6.3 %
- Spending per resident: $88.00
- Playgrounds per 10,000: 2.3
- Population density: 8.0 per acre

- Park acreage: 3,130 acres
- People served per park acre: 97
- Oldest park: Settlers Landing, est. 1796
- Largest park: Rockefeller Park, 130 acres
- Most-visited park: Luke Easter Park

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