Cleveland School District and Teacher's Union Still At Odds Over Layoff Plan

Eugene Sanders playing doctor.
  • Eugene Sanders playing doctor.

The district and the teacher's unions are still in negotiations regarding how to handle the gargantuan deficit facing Cleveland schools in the upcoming year. Over 600 teachers are slotted to be laid off at the moment. As all hope for a resolution that doesn't entail losing hundreds of teachers and increasing class sizes from 30 to 45, both sides remain in negotiations that, for the moment, don't seem to be making any progress.

An update from WCPN:

David Quolke says after weeks of meetings the union has rejected what the district indicated was its final counterproposal. He expects to go next to the fact-finding phase of negotiations - where a third party is selected to independently devise a contract proposal based on testimony from both sides. Quolke says he’s not optimistic about the outcome.

“Very often you have one side or the other that is not going to be happy with the report, and will end up recommending… that they reject that,” Quolke said Friday afternoon.

Quolke says the district has rejected the union’s request to work through their differences through a less formal mediation.

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