Cleveland School Teachers Already Caught Having Sex With Students, Beating Teens

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Sex scandal, or metal bat beat down?
  • Sex scandal, or metal bat beat down?

Fall, that fleet partywrecker, has got the jump on us already. Outside, the temperature is on a one-way dive toward Damn Cold again. Beer shelves are going empty for Sunday's home opener. Kids are back in the classroom, huffing chalk dust and allowing education to seep in. Oh, and teachers are getting caught misbehaving. That's right, you know it's not really the school year yet until a learning provider ends up in a compromising position. And we were just working up to that base tan.

The Cleveland Public School aren't starting the season off on the right foot. Two district teachers are in the headlines this week, facing criminal charges you don't want your average Kotters or Feenys associated with.

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