Cleveland Thinking About More Red Light Cameras, Maybe


19 Action News says an internal memo has been circulating around City Hall that urges council to scour their wards for places where the city can erect more red light cameras.

But Cleveland says it's just talk, all talk, small talk, idle talk, silly talk, talky talk... for now.

The city says it's all just talk now—exploring ideas. The contract for the company that runs the cameras will expire soon, so the city is simply looking at whether it should add cameras or move them around more.

Red light cameras are stupid. Let us just get that clear and present fact out of the way up front. We're with Zack Reed, the dapper man with the dapper mind, who WOIO says is out in front of the issue calling for more cameras, but surveillance cameras. You know, to check into real crime and not whether your 1995 Ford Escort accidentally blew through that yellow that was really red.

We'll reserve judgment on the matter until the authoritative voice of all things Cleveland road and pothole-related chimes in. Where you at, Road Rant?

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