Clevelanders Are Guzzling Away Our Savings

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The fine folks at the Washington Post compiled results from a study today revealing the metropolitan areas across the country that are spending disproportionate amounts of their salaries on feel-good libations like eating, drinking, and smoking.

Turns out, it's not folks in New York City or L.A. who are slurping down their savings. It's Cleveland.

Cleveland ranked well above the national average in all three categories, coming in fifth for spending on tobacco products and dining out, and second on alcohol sales. For the statistics worms, that means we're spending 0.58 percent of our salaries on smokes, 5.47 percent on grub, and 1.12 percent on booze. We'll go ahead and give our stellar local dining and drinking holes a well-deserved nod here.

The Washington Post does throw us a bone: "Larger incomes in some metropolitan areas may contribute to this pattern..."  So we have smaller incomes and we spend it all on booze — that's the Cleveland spirit! " well as expenditures on other items such as expensive housing," but our rent is dirt cheap so we can continue to spend where it really matters — the bar.

We'll take it. View the results for yourself below and at

Clevelanders Are Guzzling Away Our Savings
Screenshot, Washington Post

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