Clevelanders Take Fewest Number of Vacation Days, According to Specious Rankings

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Clevelanders have a rep as blue-collar, hard-nosed, and hard workers. That is, when there is work to do. Otherwise you can find us at the corner bar sipping $1 High Life.

But when we have jobs, you can count on us to show up. Probably on time. Hopefully sober. Sick days are for wussies and Canadians, and vacation days are for the Spanish.

With the exceptions of Opening Day and St. Patrick's Day, you'll find us at our desk or at our station, reporting for duty, sir.

A (specious) ranking from Living Social backs up that long-held, never-examined notion.

Via Cleveland Leader, the Forest City took the top spot in the rankings, citing data that says Clevelanders take only 11.4 vacation days a year. The national average is 16.6. Nevermind that the lowly, schleppy jobs here might simply offer fewer days. Let's overlook that bit and be proud that we are robustly diligent workers. Keep doing yeoman's work, C-town.

This concludes today's updates on specious internet rankings. You shouldn't be reading this anyway. Get back to work.

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