Cleveland's About to Get Witchy with Coven, Opening July 11th in Lakewood

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Courtesy of Miranda Scott | Coven

When Miranda Scott closed the doors on her pin-up boutique Retro Rosie back in April, she told Scene about her plans to open a "witchy shop" in the near future. Moon Children, that time is now, because Scott is set to open Coven next Wednesday.

Coven is a beautiful shop that provides magical provisions for the modern feminist witch. It’s a place where someone can come to dip their toe into the world of witchcraft, as well to see if it’s a path they would like to explore.

"On a micro level coven is really just my heart and soul poured out and manifested into a shop," Miranda Scott tells Scene. "It’s the artistic vision of my all my pain, lessons learned and everything I have been through molded by a lot of self love."

Clevelanders can pick up witchy supplies like herbs, candles, sage, anointing oils and healing crystals. If legitimate witchcraft isn't your thing, aesthetically witchy things are also available, such as a Stevie Nicks worship candle or a pin with a phrases like, "Hoe don’t do it.”

Coven will also offer artisan skincare, teas, bath salts, room sprays and jewelry handcrafted by women, in addition to Spellkits provided by the wonderful Lake Witch.

More than just a store, visitors can also come in for a supernatural experience. Candle carving, anointing and blessing will be available in store along with making your own mojo bag with the help of Coven's staff.

"Coven is a place for babes to gather, a safe place for them to connect with themselves and their intuition," says Scott. "We are excited to host workshops to help babes feel empowered."

Coven opens July 11th at noon and is located at 1384 Bonnieview Ave in Lakewood.

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