Closed Ohio Plant Now Filled With Rats as Big as Cats (Updated)

Rats are disgusting, so heres a super cute cat.
  • Rats are disgusting, so here's a super cute cat.

Update II: A local farmer named Richard Bonner bought the old liquid plant and promises to clean up the some 1.5 million gallons of rotting liquid that have bred mutant rats that will eat the earth. The news gave the Record-Pub occasion to include more than a few rat-tastic quotes and tidbits in the paper. Shall we?

He said though Fuerst stored milk, beer, soft drinks and other fluids in the outside holding tanks, most of the contents of those tanks was now rain water. He said he’s already been clearing the buildings of outdated foods, such as ice cream and candy bars, and has gassed “hundreds and hundreds of rats” using a fumigant from his farm.

“It was the dirtiest job I’ve ever done,” he said.

Nice. So he means war. No man who gassed hundreds and hundreds of rats in his day is going to play around with these rodents.

“They cut the wires on the fuse panels,” he said of the rats. “They’re living high on the hog now, but they won’t be for long.


Resident Dawn Jasinski said she dealt with “hundreds” of rats in her barn earlier this year, buying a 4 gallon drum of rat poison to deal with the problem. The poison she picked up at Wednesday’s meeting was for an elderly neighbor.

“They killed one of my chickens,” she said. “Then it was war.”

Wait, the rats actually killed a chicken? That can happen?


Update: The old U.S. Liquids plant in Nelson, OH, has a bit of a rat problem, as you can read below in our original story. Imagine the pile of ants on some spilled soda on a sidewalk on a summer day, and replace the ants with rats as big as cats, and that's pretty much the scene.

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