'Club Cuyahoga' in Federal Prison Attracts Another Guest


As if browsing through resort brochures looking for the best possible location for a long (7-year) vacation (prison stay), Christopher Krause found just what he was looking for in a Plain Dealer article about the amenities of the federal prison in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Krause, the former treasurer for Maple Heights Schools and Cuyahoga County corruption all-star, was set to spend his sentence at Elkton, which is just outside of Youngstown, but then the PD detailed the "Cuyahoga Clique" down in WV, where a litany of those convicted in the corruption mess have gathered to rest, relax, and trade packets of tuna for TV time. Now, Krause wants to go there.

Maybe it's less about picking a resort so much as seeing where all your high school friends are going to college and then ditching your first pick to be with them. Anyway, via Michael McIntyre's column:

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