CMT's World's Strictest Parents to Feature Chardon Couple

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Taylor, Im asking you once: Where did you get the cigarettes?
  • "Taylor, I'm asking you once: Where did you get the cigarettes?"

CMT’s World’s Strictest Parents — by far the most gripping title in the whipping-bad-kids-into-shape sub-genre of reality TV — is stopping by the Cleveland area for its second season.

For those of you too busy watching Glee or Jesery Shore to tune-in, the premise is simple enough: the show gathers up the troubled, mouthy and rebellious, and ships them to strict households for an episode-length-stay.

Drama that it is, the show boils down to headbutting between the bratty imports and straight-backed, laces-tied disciplinarians, culminating in a standard feel-good milk and cookies breakthrough before the credits roll.

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