Conan Probably Ripped Off a Last Call Cleveland Sketch


At least it certainly looks that way. [Ed. note: As the AV club commenters have pointed out, it doesn't seem like this was a sketch written by Conan or his writers but by Jon Dore, a comedian who was appearing on the show. Some have vouched that Dore has been doing this bit for years.]

Last Call Cleveland posted a tidy compilation video showing their performance of a longtime crowd-favorite sketch about double booking comedians alongside clips from a recent episode of Conan with almost, no... basically, no... exactly the same sketch. Not so coincidentally, Mike Polk and Last Call Cleveland performed the sketch in L.A. three times when they were in California a month ago. Or coincidentally, depending on your view.

The tongue-in-cheek YouTube description from LCC: "Conan O'Brien was gracious enough to allow one of our most popular and beloved live sketches to be performed on his highly rated television show by people who aren't us."

After the jump, Mike Polk talks about how this happens, how he feels (spoiler: he doesn't), and some other stuff he sent over email.

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