Concert Review: Swans at the Beachland Ballroom


The legendary New York no wave band Swans are thriving once again, pummeling audiences with their sweeping, all-enveloping sound. And one by one, band members took to the Beachland Ballroom stage Friday night, each to their respective stations to construct an ominous extended intro.

Frontman Michael Gira was the last of the wild bunch to emerge, appreciatively tipping his cowboy hat to the crowd.

After 15 minutes of rising action — church bells chiming, bass rolling, the dulcimer looping, guitars stirring the voluminous stew — the band broke into the heart of “No Words/No Thoughts,” the opening track from 2010’s My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky.

The deafening attack rarely granted space to breathe over the course of the two-hour set, with every crevice of the Beachland invaded by thick, reverberating energy.

It was massive, even for those prepared with earplugs. But still, there was an inkling that Swans were holding back, road-weary and perhaps reacting to the reasonably docile crowd (many recent shows have reported sets expanding well beyond the two hour mark).

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