Confessions of a Dangerous Mind

Scene sent a letter to Dustin Lynch, who is in jail awaiting trial. Below are excerpts from his responses.

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Dustin Lynch - Photo courtesy of Medina County police
Photo courtesy of Medina County police
Dustin Lynch
Why did you kill JoLynn?

I killed JoLynn for my own personal satisfaction. I yearn to see blood, it's a need or an addiction and also a fetish. I'm just obsessed with it all.

You were caught the same day as the murder, not far from the crime scene. Why didn't you try harder to escape?

I didn't think her dad would go in her room, but just in case he did I dumped a basket of laundry on her. When he first came in, he actually didn't see her. Then he went around the bed and saw her foot. I just have bad luck! . . . Some people call me "Jinx" because of my luck.

Do you regret killing JoLynn?

No I don't regret what I did and I never will. I did her a favor and satisfied all my needs while doing it! This GTA III stuff kills me though! What a crock of holy shit!

Are you afraid to go to prison?

No I am not afraid to go to prison. What good will that do? If I am scared, I'm still there. So why be scared? First I'll go to [Lorain Correctional Institution], then Madison because I'm a juvenile. I know a little about each place and it's nothing I haven't already been exposed to. I might be small, but I know how to handle my business, I'm a "Lynch," it runs through [our] blood. Just like jail! LOL [Laughing out loud]!

What do you want to do in the future?

I want to get my high school diploma, maybe some college, and write my book. I want to write about all of the people I've killed and my life story (on the streets & locked up). I want to call it, "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," but isn't that a movie???? When my book is complete and I'm ready, I'm going to kill someone else so that I can get the death penalty. I took so many lives and I'm just curious to know what it's like to be dead. Is there an "after life?" etc. I want to die by lethal injection. I think that is better than any other method (ex. -- killing myself, or by some horrible death). You've probably heard that I hung myself a few months ago. That shit hurts!!! My head kept getting tighter and tighter, my eyes started to water and I could feel little blood vessels exploding in my face. I felt some thing draining from my ears, put my finger up there and it was blood! My nose was bleeding for like a week straight!

Do you consider yourself disturbed?

I AM NOT DISTURBED AT ALL! Like I said, I have certain needs, desires and a fetish. Cutting myself is a fetish. I feel so powerful when I do it, kind of like I'm on coke. Each slice I take is like hooting another line! I'm fascinated by the sight of blood and when I'm locked up the way I am the only blood I can get is my own.

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